About Us

This global pandemic has been a bit of an unveiling – literally the meaning of "Revelation."

It’s revealed that we’re very mortal despite our confidences. It’s revealed that our structures are fragile (and inadequate, to say the least). It’s revealed and has laid bare the rifts already present in society, but often ignored by the dominant culture in society.

So, we’re trying to do a bit of a new thing. It’s honest about who we are, where we are, and how we are in this world.

Anam Cara (“soul friend” in Gaelic) is a new digital-first mission start out of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
Our aim is two-fold – to build a digital community that bridges the pulpit and the pew. We’re hoping to both speak to people who would never set foot in a brick and mortar church, people in the midst of transitions in life (which we go in and out of in time), as well as be a resource and support for pastors needing some inspiration, worship experiences, and a community apart from their parishes.

Toward this end, we’ve adopted a few guiding principles that help us in our shared work. We resolve to:

  • Tell Truths. Hard truths. Beautiful truths. Truths that aren’t always acknowledged with smiles, but often with both honest contrition and honest resolve. Truths that make us squirm and warm our hearts.
  • Attend to the Rhythm of Life. Our distant ancestors understood that life had a rhythm, a pace, and our circumstances and various technological advances have disrupted this rhythm.  We resolve to pay attention to the ancient rhythm of life, to not force things to happen, to let things emerge slowly and mindfully from our work (and our lives).
  • Name Things. Racism. Homophobism. Ableism. Crap theology. Joyful moments of awesome. Everything in-between.
  • Lead with Curiosity. We live in a world now that leads largely with skepticism or pessimism.  We’re looking to lead with curiosity, awe, and wonder.

It’s about a Divine story.

Pastor Tim Brown

Tim is a pastor in the ELCA. After serving in the parish for over a decade, he gave that up for Lent to do creative ministries that help people help people.

He's deeply steeped in his Celtic roots and finds beautiful symmetry between ancient spiritual practices across the world that focus on peace, grace, and love (you know, the things Jesus practiced).  

He blogs regularly at Reluctantxtian.com, has a weird obsession for learning about the saints of the church (both official and unofficial), and is a writer at heart (and, hopefully, by profession).
Tuhina Verma Rasche is an ordained pastor in the ELCA.

She is in a constant search for the holy in the Word, written words, and words turned to art.

When asked if she can reconcile her Hindu faith with her Jesus-following present, she wonders why is there an automatic reflex to reconcile?

She dreams of the divine in donuts.

Pastor Jason Chesnut

Jason is (somehow still) ordained in the ELCA, and divides his time between preaching, filming, reading, and writing. Also he watches a lot of movies. His company, ANKOSfilms, is committed to (a) (n)ew (k)ind (o)f (s)torytelling, and films through a lens of liberation, equity, and justice. He lives as close as possible to mountains, and in an alternate timeline would be a wildlife photographer.